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Published: 12th February 2007
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The international markets are of a growing importance for small and medium-sized companies (SME). International business cares for an increase in turnover, levelling of the turnover if the local economy is weak and offers more intensive knowledge of the competition and sales possibilities.

The marketing and sales consultancy Michael Richter, Daugendorf/Germany (situated in the real heart of East and West-Europe, near the Lake of Constanze) devotes himself especially to SMEs in order to accompany them in all steps of the internationalization - from Europe into foreign markets and vice versa.

Detailed information can be found at

Many pages - especially< of NEWS - offer solutions regarding modern foreign marketing, taking into consideration especially 'client benefit' and 'cost control'.

A further 'leg' of his support are marketing trainings and lectures, which he perform directly at the customers company and as per his specific needs. So far lectures were held in several universities of cooperative education and ICC's in Baden-Württemberg as well as at the 'Institute for marketing and trade ' of the University St. Gallen/Switzerland an industrial institution in Florianopolis/Brazil.

Based on a thorough theoretical background - economical studies at the VWA, Düsseldorf/Germany, permanent continued studies, as well as more than 35 years of marketing/sales practice - he develops suitable steps for every client to become more successful.

For his activity Mr. Richter is accredited with the European Union, RKW, Fraunhofer-Institutes, Steinbeis, as well as developing banks and a member of 'Christians in business / FGBMFI'.

Especially important is the possibility to 'Test your marketing' - see site - and thus to become more knowledgeable about the today's' needs.

Personal country experience as well as hints regarding marketing in foreign countries, which he knows himself, can be found at

Due to his living place at the very centre of Europe he reaches all European countries within soon.


Michael Richter - International Marketing- and sales consultancy - has experience in marketing of investment and long-lasting consumer goods into all 5 continents for more tan 35 years (more than 50 countries) - from his activity as a clerks to being responsible as a marketing and sales director, especially for SMEs


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